One interesting note that we can take from Twitter is the help support it gives to its users that is powered by the users themselves. So, members of Twitter can ask questions, share their ideas and thoughts, or report their problems. Then, the Twitter community will address the problem that is being raised or tell something about the thoughts, ideas, and reports that have been posted.

The Twitter Help acts like the guidelines or the rules and regulations in using the entire Twitter software. The help support also does the orientation to members who need an in-depth understanding of Twitter. Apart from the social networking functions of Twitter, it also reaches out to its members through the Help Support, to guide them throughout and to give them direction as well.
The Twitter Help Support also informs the members about the latest updates on Twitter. Apart from that Twitter Help also provides easy to follow answers with questions like:

How to send and receive updates to Twitter?
What is the concept and rationale behind following someone on Twitter?
What is the information you have to learn if you want to know whether you are being followed or who are following you?
What is the process in blocking the spammers that will leave undesirable consequences to your link?
How to monitor the people who read your updates? And do people that you send your updates receive your updates?
What is the relevance of using Twitter with your phone?

Such questions are inevitably raised and the answers help you move forward. Hence, the Twitter Help Support does its best to address each and every question to provide smooth sailing of information, particularly updates from every member.

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