People are connecting. And people are sharing experiences and happenings fast and always. People get to converse with their family and friends always. They get to update each other about small and mundane things. This is what Twitter brings to the lives of many people.

But to many people connecting beyond just their family and friends is also important. They like to build a community of people who have the same interests as theirs. They follow these people’s tweets and connect with them. Other people do the same to them and they welcome that.

That is why a feature such as the Twitter Maps is appreciated by many. By having such application people get to see and they get to know from where tweets are coming from. They learn where the person they are tweeting with is from. The connection even becomes closer.

Twitter even becomes exciting because of this. One can actually validate where his new friends are from. And they see it through the Twitter Maps. Twitter Maps is, of course, made possible by the team up of Twitter and Google maps. Twitter is using the capabilities of Google maps in order to be able to display the maps and locate the Twitter users.

This feature in a way gives Twitter users a glimpse of what is happening around the world. Opinions all over the world can be gathered through this real-time platform. News posts made from everywhere are validated through Twitter Maps since everybody will at least know that the person posting is actually there in the area.

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