When conducting a review for Twitter photo, SnapTweet is one of the ideal discussions. SnapTweet is actually a service that works towards broadcasting Flickr image uploads through Twitter updates. Many claimed that this is an ideal service for many people out there although it contains bugs with its implementation. The use of this is highly suggested to individuals who spend a lot of time in Flickr and aim to send announcements through Twitter.

Essentially, Snapsweet works by using the twitter credential of one person through Twitter API for validation. After the user has logged-in, he will be asked for his Flickr username. The user is given a choice if he wants to enter a tag name that is user-defined to coordinate SnapTweet with Flickr. Also, SnapTweet allows the latest announcements with links to one’s Flicker images. Normally, this appears in one of two means—either to mark the image on Flickr using the set in of SnapTweet user-defined tag or deliver a direct message to the address @snapTweet on Twitter.

Essentially, to perfect the integration of Flicker or twitter, the following philosophy must be noted:

•    The Images uploaded to Flickr to be announced on twitter must be carefully chosen.
•    There is no need for any additional account—either Flickr or Twitter is utilized for authentication.
•    One should not attempt to take the content on his own credit. Although, it is fine to take the credit on distribution such as Images on Flickr or Tweets on Twitter.

In general, SnapTweet follows the correct philosophy to deliver one’s content—allowing both Flickr and Twitter host the data. Preferably though, this should be used by those individuals who prefer to spend more time in Flickr than to Twitter.

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