For people who love to write, blogging is always the thing to do, and there are even blog sites that offer more than just the capability to write and post it. One of these is Twitter, which is one of revolutionary blog sites that give out space for the micro-blogging, as against the usual conception that blogs by nature are long-winding write-ups.

Today, is no longer alone in providing this kind of service with the emergence of other blog sites that cater also to micro-blogging needs. In more ways than one, a person may say that Twitter is the best in the field, but there are also critics that argue otherwise.

To note, both sides have points to prove and defend, even the critics, who even though outnumbered are still slugging it out with twitter defenders. In this matter, for a new one going into micro-blogging it’s always best to ask around and to try it for oneself, as this may be the underlying reason why there are critics and defenders.

Trying it out for a change will not really make a dent in any person’s timetable as becoming a member of twitter is as easy as fill in the blanks. The steps to follow are just the same in concept with other sites with membership. It’s just a matter of trying, and what’s so hard about going to’s home page?
Basically, nothing in particular, so start filling out those membership forms that Twitter needs to approve applicants. After that, then it’s just a matter of waiting for approval and then start posting.

In every creation made by man there’s always innovation on the works, and while these innovations are always for the good, there will still be flaws. Of course, it is the same with Twitter, which is one of the many websites today that offer micro-blogging to its members.

On this, such an event of flaws is something that is to be expected. There’s simply no question that there is no perfect system, and it’s just a matter of time before something goofs up. Anyhow, these flaws may range from just be unable to access one’s own site or to the unwanted cancellation of the site.

In all of these, there will always be solutions to it, and the main thing is to remain positive in the thinking. As of today, the problem of being unable to access one’s own site is already a flaw that has solutions elsewhere.They’re usually found on other websites, and on Twitter as well.

Aside from this, there’s also the downing of Twitter’s server itself, which would prevent the members from even accessing any thing at all. This has been known to last only for short period of time, but for those that take longer, patience is a virtue. In fact, it is just probably caused by server changes on the workings of twitter and upon its return it would undoubtedly come back with better performance.

Far from being dismayed with twitter because of its problems, it’s free to use by the members and this is an incentive worth trying out.

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