By definition, TwitterLocal allows user to generate an RSS feed or XML feed. However, such feeds sort out Tweets within a specific area only. Therefore, you are required to provide information like the city name, state name, postal code, and the range of miles that you prefer for your account to receive feeds. Afterwards, you will immediately receive URLs that will be added to your RSS reader. This way, you can identify the Tweeters that are near your location.

Twitter Local is also considered as a Twitter tool because it operates via taking locations, postal codes, states, and mile radius which are important in supplying RSS and XML feeds. In managing Twitter local you can either employ the use of a functional web form or you can get your Adobe Air application form as you download it. The latter form (the Adobe Air application), is more comprehensive than the first form because more functions and options are included.

In Search of Local Twitter Users

You can visit site in searching local Twitter users which is primarily dependent on a given position. In fact, to make things much easier, a breakdown of positions and locations is provided based on the most numbered of tweets for the past 24 hours. How does this work? You only have to provide a certain location in the form of your preference and you have to answer the form that contains zip code and the mile radius.

The problem with this service though is: it is incomplete. The only results provided when you search local users is largely based on the activities of the past 24 hours and not of the entire community that lives in your locality or state.

Twitter is basically a new social networking and micro-blogging service. It is mainly about receiving and sending updates to and from other members/users through texts. The text is comprised of 140 characters.

However, Twitter seems to be unprepared with the popularity and success that it is now receiving. Thus, there are questions whether Twitter will manage to grow bigger despite of the problems and bad reviews it is now getting from both the users and the critics. The main problem surrounding Twitter is the increasing traffic due to its growth that in turn results in overloading.

Because of this, feedback and comments about Twitter are given. Say for instance, the commentary by the Wall Street Journal that tells people how social networking services like Twitter elicit diverse feelings among people who are fond of the internet technology. Unfortunately, most users find Twitter a waste of time, annoying (especially when they receive updates at odd hours of the day), and not so practical because of the higher bills they receive at the end of the month. In this case, it is safe to say that sometimes being too connected with other people can be uncalled for and bothersome.

Another comment from the Industry Standard is that, Twitter is now experiencing lack of revenue and is questionable whether it can continue a long-term operation or not.
Twitter can be both advantageous and unfavourable. For its drawbacks, some users employ Twitter to spoof a text message or to give false warnings. In the brighter side though, Twitter will let you get in contact with other people especially in times of needs. However, it all boils down to how the user will use Twitter. But to be fair, Twitter when it was introduced had practical and righteous objectives.

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