Gmail is Google’s free email service.  It can provide you with more than 7 GB of space and this grows everyday.  You can also use Gmail as a forwarding mail service or create a POP3 account so you can use a third party desktop email application.

Gmail has everything you need for an email service.  But there are tricks which you can do to maximize Gmail and make it easier to use.

First, if you have slow computer or slow Internet connection, you can switch Gmail from standard view to basic HTML view.  At the bottom of your Gmail interface, you can see two links there that say: standard and basic HTML.  Just click the basic HTML and Gmail will be converted to a simple web page that loads faster.  

Some utilities will not be visible however if you switch to HTML view.  If you want to use functions such as chat, contact list, and interactive label list, you can simply revert to standard view.  

Second, if you’re primarily using a desktop email client such as Outlook to access Gmail, then it would be best to automatically archive downloaded messages.  This will clean-up your Gmail inbox and you can avoid manually archiving hundreds of messages that you’ve already read.

To do this, go to the settings page of Gmail then click the Forwarding/POP/IMAP tab.  In the POP download category, you will find a question there asking: “when messages are accessed with POP”.  Choose the option archive Gmail’s copy from the dropdown menu.  Save your settings and you’re done.

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