WordPress Widget, Sidebar Accessories, or WordPress Sidebar Widgets pertain to only one thing. This is a WordPress plug-in being added on the WordPress blog sidebar. This allows adding of gadgets, design elements, images, contents, and other things to the WordPress sidebar easily.

Most bloggers use this plug-in to personalize their blogs even without the know-how on PHP, HTML or any other programming codes. Due to the WordPress Sidebar Widget’s ease of use, it has now become fully integrated into the newer WordPress version. Also, some WordPress plug-ins are made with their widget versions too, making them easier to include and use on the sidebar.

There are two general types of WordPress Sidebar Widgets, the text widgets and the RSS widgets. The text widget comes built-in with WordPress. It can be used in adding contents, images, and links to the blogsite’s sidebar. WordPress also allows adding of as many text widgets as the blogger wants. Some of the text widgets that can be used for WordPress are the Babelfish, Yahoo Translation, YouTube, BannerBot, TerraServer, Flickr, Last.fm, Pandora, and del.icio.us.

Meanwhile, the RSS widgets are used in adding feeds to the WordPress sidebar. WordPress also allows adding of as many RSS widgets as the user wants. Some of the sources for feeds that WordPress users add to the sidebars are Ebay, del.icio.us, Sabifoo, Jabber, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Amazon products, and MSN Messenger.

For users who want to get more widgets for their WordPress Sidebar Widgets, they can find a list from WordPress Plugin Directory. This directory does not only offer widgets but plugins and other options too.

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