Be certain that your organization conducts test process analysis to determine the best way a test can be performed in order to achieve complete coverage of all components or sub assemblies using different testing processes.

  • Be accountable for providing technical know how and training for production test operators and technicians on test system operation, and maintenance.
  • Manage work with customer and sales engineers to determine project scope and requirements.
  • Be accountable for troubleshooting technical issues associated with manufacturing test processes.
  • Assure your design complies; checks to see that all parts are available for assembly from work order specifications.
  • Be certain that your organization applies advanced theories, principles, concepts, and practices of Biomedical Engineering and keeps abreast of changes in technology utilizing that information to meet operational needs.
  • Manage change to estimates, record, and maintain all estimate documentation and specifications.
  • Develop efficient system architecture to reduce core counts, with conducting core count analysis, revising time budget, etc.
  • Utilize cross functional participation to ensure that equipment and processes are compatible with the entire value stream.
  • Ensure your strategy develops test protocols and test equipment for biomedical use in inspections, evaluations, calibration, and repair.
  • Manage work with the engineering proposal team to generate materials and labor estimates for projects.
  • Be accountable for mastering science in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science or industrial engineering.
  • Warrant that your project complies; wireless communication theory, information theory, digital signal processing.
  • Establish that your organization contributes to/ leads the planning and performance, research, design and development of manufacturing engineering projects.
  • Follow the rules and regulations related to the safety of all employees working for your organization.
  • Promote human organizational performance (hop) principles to ensure that all equipment / tooling / processes are implemented with the health and safety of the operators in mind.
  • Confirm your enterprise ensures safety of self and others through proper use and care of equipment/work area.
  • Assure your team contributes to/ leads the development of new and innovative methods, tooling, software/ automated test systems, and designs that reduce cycle time and improve productivity and quality.
  • Manage work with cross functional teams to develop acquisition and implementation processes.


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