SQL Server for someone to learn it must possess great passion in computer technology and the great impact that it brings the business sector.  However, since most of the times the people who are enthusiastically engaged in learning the concept do not have the means to have extensive means to immerse themselves in the actual application of the software – meaning, the business sector – they resort into other means of knowing it better.  

One of the better means to learn and know the SQL server is by attending extensive trainings and forum.  These training events have different means of teaching and sharing the learning and knowledge.  The experts, commonly referred to as the speakers were trained based on both methods – immersion, practical application, school, and seminars.  These people are capable of giving out the best and the freshest bits of information there is that impact the global community.  These people who call themselves experts of the field are equipped with the proper tools and geared with more than enough information and knowledge to share.  Trainings are fast paced and do not require achieved level of education.  This makes it simply viable for any type of enthusiast that have the right amount of passion to learn the concept and the theory.  

The major drawbacks of training are built around the philosophy that trainings have little retention rate because of the fast paced mode that is served and applied to the learners.  However, since most of those people who are gaining knowledge via the training are self-sustained, the literacy rate of these people about the topic being discussed is far higher compared to the usual.

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