CISSP CISA PMP Business Continuity MCSE Security? You must be asking yourself: Do I need to know what that means? Well, if the U.S. Department of Defense makes it a point to understand how IT certifications play into their efforts to maintain secure Information Systems, then maybe a budding IT professional like you should also attempt to know what CISSP CISA PMP Business Continuity MCSE Security is all about.

We know that CISSP is the acronym for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification and that it is concerned with security of information systems. CISA, on the other hand, is concerned with granting successful candidates with Certified Information Systems Auditor status. It means you met the standards for the audit, control and security qualifications of information technology professionals as set by the ISACA organization. PMP may stand for Project Management Professional, a project management certification recognized worldwide which is not specifically concerned with IT issues but may encompass IT project management too.

An MCSE is the acronym for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer which is the top Microsoft certification granted anywhere. It means this MCSE accredited IT personnel has the capacity to assess the business goals to be met by any IT solutions so that he can design then implement the appropriate IT infrastructure for this purpose or project.

Taken together then, the term CISSP CISA PMP Business Continuity MCSE Security may refer to someone who has been able to merge together the information systems security demands of any IT system known (based on CISSP standards); the ability to audit such information systems from an IT audit, control and security standpoint; and then meet project management demands. This three-fold project is meant to assure business continuity through the skills of an MCSE IT person by designing and implementing a secure IT infrastructure.

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