Metadata when simply defined is information about information. It is a structured and written data that makes descriptions of information to be used in the location of these described entities. The concept of metadata encompasses many areas including business intelligence metadata.

About business intelligence metadata

Business intelligence metadata is a system of analysing bulk amounts of data in business operations. This is usually stored in large databases called data warehouse. It is utilized in making business decisions. This kind of metadata uses software tools may it be for filtering and analysing. Basically, business intelligence metadata can be used to provide understanding on some business reports, profit from individual sales and expenses.

About business intelligence metadata architecture

Business intelligence metadata architecture refers to strategies for managing data. There are two scenarios on business intelligence metadata architecture. It may be centralized or distributed.

The centralized metadata architecture makes sure that metadata works across all business systems. There must no duplication of metadata across all systems, which means that there is no need to synchronize all the components. This type of architecture does not need much effort in system integration. However, it has optimal hardware resource requirements.

The distributed metadata, in turn, has a disadvantage. This is because the main idea behind date warehousing is to have a centralized location for information. Having a distributed metadata means that business shall have difficulty in terms of updates and synchronization.

The main purpose of business intelligence data is to achieve centralized metadata architecture; therefore businesses must strive to have this type of strategy.

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