There are many people who started out blogging using popular and free hosts because it was easy to start a blog and quickly post it. However, during an interval of time some blogs become so popular due to their originality and creativity. In this situation, the blogger would want to have a website of his own where he can have a total control over his blogs. He can do this by using WordPress import.

If a website owner under Blogger uses a email address, then he cannot use the import feature in WordPress. He has three options. He can copy and paste his posts, which are considered to be the worse method. This is done by logging into Blogger and WordPress accounts and manually copying and pasting the contents from and to these two accounts. This can become tedious if there is a large blog. Sometimes, the important comments are not copied.

Alternatively, he can use a WordPress plugin to import from Blogger to WordPress. There are RSS Import plugin available on the Internet. However, this method is not simple and easy. The author of the plugin will provide a link to WordPress suicide to be able to delete WordPress posts if the import fails and he has to try again.

Lastly, a website owner can import Blogger posts to WordPress which is considered to be the best and the easiest way. First, he has to create an account with WordPress. Once the account is ready, a website owner can start importing his Blogger posts by going to “Manage” tab and then choosing “Import”. Then, he chooses “Blogger” and then “Authorize” and then grants access to Blogger Beta Account. After doing these, he just has to press “Import” and every Blogger posts; comments and categories are imported to WordPress.

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