There are four MCITP Enterprise certification modules that can be taken by system administrators and IT managers.  These modules are designed for professionals working in any large enterprise IT environment.  IT professionals can choose which certification module will be suitable for their current job positions.  

For those managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and tasked to deploy and engineer the messaging system and infrastructure of an enterprise, then the MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator certification is best.  This module is ideal for systems engineers because the exams will require deep knowledge of systems build and design of intra-company messaging and communication.  Systems engineers and managers will be able to validate their expertise in designing and deploying enterprise messaging architecture through the MCITP credentialing process.

Another MCITP enterprise module is the Enterprise Project Management certification.  This module is geared towards the utilization of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.  This is ideal for systems administrators that are directly involved in the enterprise project management functions.  The certification from Microsoft on Enterprise Project Management could help them clinch more management tasks thus boosting their career.  

For advanced technical personnel, the MCITP Enterprise Support Technician module is best for them.  It is geared for those providing technical support services on Enterprise IT environments and server architectures.  The MCITP Enterprise Administrator on the other hand is a highly specialized certification module for enterprise server administrators.  Specifically, the credential from this module will highlight proficiencies in managing the Windows Server 2008 architecture.  This certification module is best for IT managers responsible for designing and maintaining the enterprise server.

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