The MCITP exam is Microsoft’s premiere certification program for IT professionals.  It has seven topic areas designed for those working in IT enterprise environment.  The MCITP credentialing series is much simpler and provides a focused and skills based testing system.  

IT professionals who can pass an MCITP exam in their fields of specialization will be able to validate their technical competencies.  They will be able to stand out among their peers and colleagues because Microsoft’s exam system is one of the toughest in the industry.  

The MCITP exam is ideal for those performing critical functions as administrators of enterprise server and database.  It also provides a window of opportunity for those working as desktop technical specialists.  

For server administrators, the MCITP Server Administrator module will be ideal for them.  This exam is designed to test the capability of mid and upper level IT personnel in designing, managing, and ensuring the security of company servers.  There are optimizations topics included in the exam modules which will determine the expertise of server administrators in enhancing the utility of server environments.

Database administrators on the other hand can take the MCITP Database Administrator, MCITP Database Developer, and MCITP BI Administrator and Developer.  There are specific exam modules for each area of specializations in database management.  IT professionals working in these fields can choose which module will be suitable for their current job roles.

For IT specialists performing micro technical concerns, the MCITP exam on Consumer Support Technician and Enterprise Support Technician would be suitable for them.  The Consumer Support Technician module is best for those providing technical assistance on desktop operating systems, software and hardware issues.  

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