Drupal has a module which is named as Drupal ConTemplate or the Content Template module.   This specific module of the Drupal software is responsible in permitting the modifications and enhancements to be performed on Drupal’s body and teaser field via the use of the accurately defined administrator templates.  These defined templates were coded using the PHP language code and every node on the object entity is available in the template.  

The primary objective why this module of Drupal was made is to resolve the necessity for a Content Construction Kit or the CCK which presumably when ConTemplate is not made, there is bigger chance of an output content that is way behind the acceptable standard.  With the Drupal Content Template, there is a bigger chance of making it easier to do some rerrangements on the fields such as removal of the headers on the field title, produce a different field for teaser and anything you might need.  

Content Template is applicable to be used on any type of node and permits changes to be made on the teaser properties prior to shelling it out via the RSS or search index.  The templates that go along with this module are particularly stored on a central database nonetheless, it is still possible to generate templates that are drive-based which can be stored on your website’s directory and from there can be extensively mapped and monitored. This is also possible to be shared across all installed systems just like the themes or other modules.

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