Understanding the Effects of Good Customer Service in Increasing Sales in Call Centers

When talking about sales and profits, there are two ways on how to measure it. First is an increase in number of orders or subscriptions, and the other one is an increase in satisfaction rate from customers. This is actually a chain reaction wherein all two metrics should be both high at all times to ensure business success. If there is a decrease in the number of satisfied members, then sales will also follow.

Why? This is because a single bad interaction results to multiple damages to the company. How? This is done through the power of word of mouth where one person who experienced bad customer service may tell others about his experience and influence them not to support the products or services that the company offers anymore. This is why it is extremely important to provide excellent customer service in each and every transaction.

One of the strong aces of call centers to increase sales is telemarketing. However, since some consider it as an annoyance (such as spam or email scams) and others claim that the products being offered are high compared to actual prices, a law has been passed to promote customer privacy and protection. This is the TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 wherein companies should abide by the guidelines set forth by various professional associations of telemarketers. The most popular of which is the Do Not Call policy in which telemarketers are restricted from contacting participating consumers. But then again, these limitations have paved the way in improving the telemarketing process. Still, an up on sales is therefore forecasted.

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