There are four important AdWords terms that every online advertiser on Google should understand.  These terms are related to search matching for keywords being included in the campaign.  To be precise, the important AdWords terms are broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

The AdWords term Broad Match is the default matching structure set by Google.  This option will display the ads of advertisers for search terms matching the keywords in any order or even with other keywords included.  So Broad Match keywords such as running shoes can be included in every search having the term shoes, running, or cheap running shoes.  This has the potential of getting massive traffic but is also very expensive because practically everyone using the search term could see and click the ad.  

Phrase Match keywords, on the other hand, are enclosed in quotation marks.   The structuring of the AdWords term should be “running shoes”.  The ad will only appear if someone searches for those specific keywords in exact order but other search terms maybe included in the results.  

The Exact Match AdWords terms are highly targeted keywords and enclosed in brackets.  The ad will be displayed only for the exact keywords terms.  The search terms must also be in exact order with no other terms included.  

Lastly, the Negative Match AdWords terms should have a negative sign before the keywords.  This is to exclude some keywords from the search terms so ads will not appear on negative matching.  Thus, it will be easy to avoid click spillage and ensure that only serious buyers could access the ads.  

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