When you have finally created your Twitter account, you are given a username that identifies you as the unique owner of the link that is also being provided to you. This link usually comprises of the twitter name along with the personally made name that completes the URL address.  Every user has its own individual link to refer to.

There are a lot of practical uses that this link can provide to a user.  Below are just some of the known uses:

a.    It serves as a personal identification on the Internet. If you have created a web log or have posted your materials on the Twitter blog, you can then refer to this link at all times.  You can also use this link as a point of reference when applying for a job online.  Your credentials and sample works are capable of being displayed via this link.  
b.    You can use this link as a way to connect to other people in Twitter.  Since every user of Twitter has its own individual link, then you can use this as a way to get connected with them either via online interaction or via updates.  This is one good and effective means of communication.
c.    You can use the link as a way to send tweets a lot faster.  With the link, you can instantly send any tweet without the need to log on and authenticate your user account via the Twitter site.  Your link serves as an identifier that you can immediately use to access all of Twitter’s features.  

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