Excellence in podcasting is best achieved when you have the best and the right equipment to have it done.  The wrong choice of equipment can result into a mediocre podcast output thus; only the required equipment specifications should be used.  So, what are these required pieces of equipment?

Below are some of the key pieces of podcast equipment that you will need:

a.    A good and quality microphone.  Although you can use a microphone that came bundled with your personal computer but its major drawback lies on the quality of recorded sound that it will produce.  It is best that you have a microphone which is omni-directional.  This is rather an inexpensive yet durable and dynamic microphone piece that will not totally wreck your budget.
b.    An excellent podcast mixer and recorder.  These recorders and mixers are useful when you are trying to mix diverse voice and audio inputs.  The general four inputs of mixer can mix substantially and double the number of the maximum input.  Or if you are on a tight budget, you can opt at buying a recorder with built-in mixer on it.  
c.    High end sound card.  Again, excellence is achieved when you have the best resources. The sound card for example should not be compromised when doing a podcast. Generally, most of computers have built in sound cards on their motherboards. However, these sound cards are only producing low quality of recorded sounds.  
d.    State of the art audio software.  We all know that we need to acquire software in order to complete the whole process of podcasting.  Make sure that the software side is capable of doing both the audio and the video file generation.

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