The world of software just like any other things is driven by a set of rules and protocols.  These sets of rules and protocols are what govern a person or an object.  It is because of these protocols that there is an attained orderliness and guided action.

The SQL Server has its own protocols, too.  These protocols are what we commonly refer to as the syntax.  The syntax is the common language that is being used by the software, the hardware, and the user.  It is with the use of the syntax that a person can actually “communicate and talk” to the hardware and the software.  However, you might be wondering on how the software and the hardware can “talk and communicate”.

A computer system has it own syntax, too. However, the operating system that resides in the “brain” of the computer system actually is the “interpreter” that relays and translates what the software (the SQL Server) wants it to do based on the input from the user – that means the person who uses both the hardware and the SQL server.

This set of syntax does not come easy to understand by any person. Besides, no one would ever claim that learning the computer and software syntax is as easy as learning your first alphabet.  It usually takes time and a lot of learning instances before you can actually master the use of the syntax specifically the SQL Server syntax.  However, learning the syntax of the SQL server does not need to be that difficult.  By engaging into constant reading and immersing yourself with the software and the PC can make advance you towards learning it better.  

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