By looking at how Twitter has progressed and developed based on the statistics that were generated, you will surely understand how each aspect of Twitter has been properly taken cared of.  The stats will show us how Twitter is looking at competition and traffic generation as part of their building blocks.  

Usually, Twitter looks at the stats on how each unique visitor stats is climbing up and down the graph.  Just barely 10 months after the official launch of the Twitter site, it has generated nearly about a million unique visitors.  The stats show the makers how impressive and attractive the application has been made.  And in barely a few moths after it has hit over half a million of unique visitors, the Twitter stats made a successful glide up in the early years of 2008 by reaching an all time high of almost a million unique visitors.

As the Twitter makers are continuing to make progressive efforts in re-developing and re-structuring the website and its features, the stats have continued to soar high.  In all the months of the year 2008, there has not been any recorded drop on both the competitive and traffic sections of the site.  In barely a year after its successful launch where it started with a humble beginning of almost half a million unique visitors, now it has reached more than 3 million of unique visitors. This is a stat record that no other site can ever claim to have achieved in such a short span of time.  

The stats will show us how Twitter has become a name that every person and household has learned to appreciate and essentially use in their daily activities.

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