Understanding the Underlying Facts about SEI CMM

The Software Engineering Institute an institution funded by the government of the United States to engage into extensive research and investigation.  This was initiated by the federal government to further develop and enhance the software engineering development process of many US based government institutions.  Among the more popular intensive researches that revolve around software engineering that Software Engineering Institute has done are anchored on the following:

• Conducted extensive research about that affect and surround the software engineering industry.
• Developed scholastic methodologies and concepts to aid technological advancements.
• Performed various beta and alpha testing procedures to help resolve issues that plague most government institutions in terms of software usage.

Due to the extensive contribution that SEI has been bridging in the industry, most organizations have seen the potential help that SEI can bring into their own setting.  With current dogma that majority of organizations are using – the Capability Maturity Model – they have allowed SEI to fully take charge of the CMM process. 

The SEI CMM has been widely used and accepted by organizational leaders. Although not a long time, it has been replaced by yet another process – the CMMI or the Capability Maturity Model Institute. 

The SEI CMM is geared towards helping institutions and organizations enhance their capabilities in utilizing software engineering to potentially and skillfully acquire the right kind of software to be used on the company.  Further, SEI CMM is helping organizations to have the acquisition power towards acquiring free of defects machines and gadgets without sacrificing the appropriated budget for those.

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