Understanding VMware Config Files

VMX file is a primary VMware configuration file in the virtual machine. Upon creating a new virtual machine, questions about operating system, networking and disk sizes will be prompted. The user’s answers to these questions are stored in the VMware config file. VMX VMware config file is like a common text file which can be edited in Notepad. VMware config file is located in every folder of every virtual machine there is.

By looking at the detail, one can analyze the syntax and construction of VMX VMware config file.
The following are some tips that can be noted from the syntax of the file. The pound sign # is utilized for comments. Hence, those that start with the pound sign # can be ignored and considered as comments. The displayName is used to recognize a virtual machine. The memory can be determined in the MEMSIZE line. One can set the memory to the size that he desires. The virtualHW.version defines the parameters of VMX on what VMware version it will work. When the lines scsi0.present=”TRUE” and ide0.present=”TRUE” appear, this is a call for advance config for the device.

VMX file is the VMware config file for the VMware guest operating system. As the user adds more devices to the system, the more the VMware config file grows. The VMware GUI can be used to create virtual guest config. The knowledge of how these VMware config can be edited or downloaded will save the user a lot of time. A program that creates a VMX VMware config file will help to avoid typos.

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