With virtualization, there are so many things that one should understand to the least prior to having the VMWare server or the operating system of your choice be downloaded or installed.  For one, it should be clear and understood on how the VMWare server actually works and what it needs in order for it to be functionally useful.  Or, it would be best to dig in deeper how and where you can actually download the VMWare Server that you want. 

The VMWare server as they always claim is a very powerful and full of potential application program that one can use for free.  However, along with this comes the reality that VMWare server requires too many resources on your PC.  However, this drawback can be equated with the good things that it can actually bring to you and your computing life.  The wonders that it brings are essentially more tangible compared to what it requires you to have. 

On the other hand, Linux as an operating system when virtually used along with the VMWare server can bring so much ease and comfort to any computer user.  Aside from the fact that by merely virtualizing this operating system, all features that this OS has are not compromised and are in fact, available for use.  Linux is one of the most commendable operating systems.  Its large capacity to handle and control the whole computer system is unequalled and unparalleled.  When this feature is tapped along with the other operating systems thru virtualization, it can actually do great things for any user. 

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