Web search engine optimization refers to the process of editing and organizing the content of a website to achieve a higher organic search listings. This would result to the increase of the volume of traffic from search engines. In layman’s term, it is a marketing strategy wherein a website will be placed among the top listings in search engines. This increases his chances of being read by users and eventually might result to his products or services being bought.

Web search engine optimisation could target different types of searches. It can be in the form of an image search, a local search or industry-specific vertical search engines.

What’s the concept behind this?

The idea behind SEO is that it thinks of what people will search for. SEO basically is about editing the content and HTML coding of the website to increase its relevance and also to remove barriers to indexing activities.

Making a website search engine friendly is not just simply building a website and then submitting it to the search engines. It is an effective utilization of the search engines to create traffic. It can then be viewed as an art, which is ongoing and evolving.

The website owner has to make important and critical steps before submitting his website. He must ensure that he fine-tunes the Title tag to increase traffic. This means that the title should contain the important keywords. He can also create gateway pages, which contains the specific set of keywords. Other steps are ensuring that site technology will not confuse search engines. This refers to frames, CGI scripts, image maps and others.

Getting noticed is what web search engine optimisation is all about. Having some ideas on how this works will certainly give a website owner an edge over the others.

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