configuration management has become a fundamental tool to manage and organize the security features and guarantees management of alterations that was made in the hardware, documentation, software and firmware, tests, test fixtures and test documentation to any automated information system. In 1969 the computer operating system Unix was developed. It was first developed by the group employees at AT&T at Bell Labs that involve Dennis Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy and Ken Thompson. These days, the system is divided into various branches. It was developed eventually by AT&T along with non profit organizations and different commercial vendors. The Unix application configuration management software automation in fact decreases the cost and boosts the output of system managers. Based on the Forrester Research, the configuration errors are the cause of 44% downtime. And a great deal of this downtime can actually be prevented. If the configuration changes are not managed safely and carefully there will be a great impact in the companys capability to stop and avoid these outages. It is very important to understand the influence of planned changes particularly in the current regulatory environment. This also includes being aware of who and when the changes are made are essential to meet security needs. Unix configuration management is a tool that can ease the control of these changes. That includes the recording made to the software, hardware, documentation and firmware all the way through the lifecycle of the system. Configuration management and Unix ensures the increase in the productivity of system administrators and relieves the impact of changes in the organization.

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