Today, many individuals are valuing the guidelines and tips on how to improve search engine ranking on Google, which are being published in newsletter or on the Internet. This is why numbers of articles are being written about this topic. Unfortunately, several of these articles are written almost similarly—tackling the same thing. This one although is purposely written to provide an updated information about the effective ways to improve one’s search engine ranking on Google.

The following are the updated information on how to improve page ranking on Google:

1.    Target Those Inbound Links
Remember this, Google ranks the pages depending to the numbers of links that are pointing to these pages. So, if one page has numbers of links that point back to it; this will be placed by Google in a higher rank. Therefore, it is essential for one to get the most possible links to point back to his page.
2.    The Title Tag
The title of the page is being valued by Google. Meaning, the title should be placed in between the HTML tags in the heading section of the web page.
3.    Pages Should Magnify Keyword Density
Google is giving so much importance to the keyword density of a page. Simply, because this is greatly valued by Google in determining the level of rank they may give. It will be a lot better if this topic will be closely studied by visiting the sites that provide detailed instructions.
4.    Links Loaded with Keywords
Links that point to a page should contain helpful keywords. This way, there is a great probability for a page to achieve higher ranking.

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