Database management system is a common practice in many networks especially for big organizations. This helps the organization to properly arrange data in an orderly manner so that information can be easily accessed from it anytime. However, due to incompatibility of different database management systems, data integration becomes a difficult task. For example, data from the Oracle DBMS and from the SQL server are very difficult to transfer because of their incompatibility. The good news now is that there is a new approach that can help for the better information management. This is called the data virtualization.

Data virtualization is an information or data used as a service. Using this approach, difficulty in data integration is helped out and is promised to be an easy task. This is done through separating the data from the applications and then saving it on the layer called as middleware.

Some experts also see the data virtualization as an important new SOA or service-oriented architecture used for data or information. There are the so-called traditional SOA which focus on the business process. However, the data virtualization as new SOA focuses not on business process but on the information or data that the business processes utilize. Better information use is promoted with data virtualization.

So far, data virtualization is still on the process of perfection. No software vendor of today offers a complete package for data virtualization. But there are other firms that are working on creating a complete data virtualization. Oracle, IBM, Red Hat’s MetaMatrix, BEA, and Microsoft are among these firms.

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