These days, the industry is requiring highly competent people who can drive the company towards attaining the best possible means and mechanisms in developing, supervising, managing, and maintaining the company database servers.  This necessity has ramped up these past few years because of the elevating skill requirements to man such a position.  

As a response to this, many computing experts and specialists are pushing the gradual upgrade of knowledge from the earlier versions to the SQL Server 2007.  Although, the Standard Query Language Server 2007 is a later version of SQL Server 2008, the features that are present on the latest version are commonly found on the 2007 version making the switch a little favorable to some MCITP holders.  

The Database administration aspect of the MCITP SQL Server 2007 has a largely broadened spectrum compared to the 2005 version however.  The 2007 version has mass appeal to huge companies because of the exemplary and excellent interactive and self-directed format content that it possesses. This feature is a very much needed feature to companies that are engaged in multiple and dynamic database objects that require complex and difficult query codes.  With the interactive content that has self-directed format, things will become a lot easier and less complicated.  

Upgrading your knowledge and skill set to a notch higher can also impact your professional development – positively.  This is very obvious because with the upgrade you can basically learn new things and able to master it like nobody else.  The computing industry is lacking people who can be experts in one area, and by mastering this area where scarcity of people is massive, you can just have a lot of choice.  

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