You need to choose the right keywords to use in Google AdWords so as to improve your click through rate.  AdWords provides variety of tools that will help you quickly and effectively manage, modify and find ways to improve your account.

AdWords has a keyword tool that allows generation of new keyword ideas.  It helps generate words or descriptions to catch reader’s attention and bring them to your content or to promote your ad campaign. Access to the AdWords keyword tool can be done by creating a Google account, or by using the feature’s external URL if you prefer not to have an account.

There are three cases where AdWords keyword tool is beneficial:
1. When it is your first time to create a new advertisement group
2. When your existing keywords performance is bad and you need to change for better keyword options
3. When you want to find more keywords besides the keyword that you currently have.

The Keyword Tool works best as you enter a short term which is one or two words in length.   If you use many words more than two, Keyword Tool may find it difficult to determine the most important words and deliver the appropriate alternatives.

Here are some advanced tips on using the Keyword tool:

1. Try using keywords based on your site content.
2. Create several ad groups in each campaign, each having a small, narrowly focused set of similar keywords.  
3. Try to identify and use negative keywords. Negative keywords can be useful, as it would stop your ad from showing searches containing words not applicable to your product or service.
4. Un-tick the “Use Synonyms” box so that the keyword tool will only suggest keywords that contain at least one of the terms you entered.

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