Tracking records of post updates or tweets on Twitter account can sometimes be hard as the topics are all mixed up which makes it difficult to follow.  Twitter included in their new feature the application of hashtags.

Twitter hashtags were designed to create real time track records of creating groups on twitter by topic.  It is one way of self-categorizing your tweets by topic which later on would aid in later retrieval.  A Hashtag is represented by a # (pound sign) placed before keywords, groups or locations.  Conversations within the twitter timeline via search can easily be tracked with the used of hashtags on twitter topics.  Twitter hashtags provides the contextualization, content filtering and exploratory serendipity within Twitter.

To create new channels within twitter is to begin with a hash (#) followed by the channel name.  The system will prompt user if the channel name already exist.  If channel exists, you will need to create a new channel name to begin a twitter topic.  The channels are not to be made public or private. Anyone who sees a status without channel tag can likewise see the status with channel tag.  Nobody owns or administers a tag channel.  The channels cannot be deleted except when the statuses of a particular tag are deleted.

With Twitter hashtags, tag channels are created which allows users to easily track content and get more relevant updates.  They lead users to tag channels that are of interest to them without going through the ordeal of learning syntax language.

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