One of the core modules included in the Drupal system is the Search Module.  Search Module allows users to search for specific content on your website.  Search can either be users or particular words.

To do a regular search, is to enter more than one search term on the search box.  The search module will look for content, which match the terms you have entered.  Using the Advanced Search, you can look for "any of these words" or "this phrase," or both, rule out the words that you don’t want and choose content types within which to confine your search.  Users have the option to enable or disable the search module on the modules page using administer >> modules options.

Drupal’s Search Module can also be customized.  Customizing the search module allows users to define the content to be search either it be custom node types, users, or comments.  Search results could be array of information for which the module wishes to display.  To use a search result default would display each item with the following keys:
1. Link refers to the found item URL.
2. Type refers to the type of item.
3. Title refers to the name item.
4. User refers to the author of the item.
5. Date refers to the timestamp when the item was last modified.
6. Extra refers to an array of optional extra information items.
7. Snippet refers to an excerpt or preview to show with the result.

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