An association that was formed to unite and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators who use, sell, install, implement, consult, teach or train in the field of web analytics is known as Web Analytics Association (WAA).  WAA is the very first web analytics organization created to help in shaping the future of web analytics.

WAA’s goal is to become the voice for the Web Analytics industry through the help and involvement of its members.  It aims to promote education, advocacy, research, standards and communication. It has created committees towards meeting the association objectives.  Some of these committees are:

1. Advocacy.  Members under the Advocacy committee combines forces in defining views and takes them to lawmakers to effect positive change, and rally support from governments, both federal and local.  They commit to work with lawmakers to affect laws and promote policies that protect the rights of the public and the web analytics industry.
2. Education.  WAA’s education committee puts efforts to create, train and certify web analytics professionals, and encourage institutions of higher learning to add web analytics to their curricula.
3. Research. WAA’s Research Committee provides relevant and useful data and insight for WAA members into trends, best practices and issues facing the Web Measurement and Analytics Industry.  This allows members to identify areas of opportunity and make better decisions regarding investments, implementation of best practices.
4. Standards. This committee works with members and industry experts to define web analytics measures and develop common vocabulary, definitions and standards for measuring and reporting web metrics.
5. Membership. This committee is created to attract and retain members; create and convey member benefits; and support member communications.

A blog, or weblog is a journal published on the web and is updated regularly. Blogs are used by some as their personal journal, a community journal or a marketing tool. The used of blogs is so powerful that it allow millions of people to easily publish and share their ideas. Most blogs are read and responded. Blogs tends to engage the writer and reader in an open conversation. As said some entrepreneurs use blog as a marketing tool. As bloggers try to use link to and comment on other blogs, these links brings reader to the writer or company website. Web analytics blog measures the relevance of blogs to the readers. As readers make comments or feedbacks, this is a good indication that your blog is successful. Two of the most popular blog search engines are Technorati and Feed Subscribers. These two provide tools in measuring how your blog has influenced the readers or consumers. Web Analytics Blog tends to track the links and provide index of the number of blogs that are doing the linking. It updates every hour and monitors the live communities’ conversations regularly. Blog search engines using web analytics as a tool are able to track the authority, influence, and popularity of blogs. It provides the leading emerging topics and who and what are most popular in the blogosphere. This information, combined with robust indexing technology, serves as the basis of an ad targeting platform that connects brands with the most relevant bloggers, content and audiences. It also enables the creation of custom and micro channels, and delivers valuable insights on the trends.

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