You continue to invest in the capabilities of your department and place great value on the skills and abilities of your staff and perform user acceptance testing of developed features to ensure the products and features built will satisfy the end user needs, interested in knowledge management, information seeking and use behaviour, information literacy (especially in the workplace), communication theory and practice, facilitation techniques.

Validation that the system has been adequately tested including unit, integration, system, and user testing has dto be done, then, decisions need to be made about timing (when to launch the product), geographic strategy, target market prospects, sales and customer service support, and final marketing strategy.

Consultations during planning use a range of different tools including meetings, individual interviews and group considerations.

Because the business roles within an organization are often subject matter experts with a deeper understanding of data, its definition and usage, as well as decision support, risk management and reporting, those roles should be central to the design and implementation of a data governance structure.