Organize and facilitate working sessions across Scrum teams, as Initiative refinement, dependency and User Story Mapping, and release planning.

More Uses of the User Story Mapping Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with business teams to understand and align on business needs and associated data implication.
  • Establish: project status / team issues / weekly retro.
  • Establish: actively prioritize product back log , pre planning, prioritization and User Story Mapping sessions.
  • Support the development go to market plans and promotional materials.
  • Ensure you have initiative to solve challenges, meet goals, and set new directions based on data.
  • Provide support specific to data and tools to end users.
  • Head: Agile User Story Mapping tool.
  • Provide skills and performance consideration with a Development Lead or the Head of Development.
  • Collaborate with client engagement teams and software developers to deliver new and efficient data partnerships.
  • Manage work with appreciative clients who seek out and value your input and feedback.
  • Ensure you are capable of inspiring colleagues and clients.
  • Be accountable for helping to enforce development process and consistency across the team.
  • Ensure you instruct; lead the launch of a new product with commercial success.
  • Organize: in doing so, you help manage client expectations and project scope, ensuring you build the most valuable features first.
  • Lead testing Salesforce.
  • Audit: work closely with the business analysts, product owners, designers and developers.
  • Create User Story Mapping for new features, considering dependencies and proper development sequences.
  • Lead sprint release activities and post release support activities.
  • Be accountable for contributing to release notes.
  • Be accountable for planning release prioritization using User Story Mapping focused on customer outcomes.
  • Ensure you oversee; lead with expertise in Salesforce testing.
  • Arrange that your team complies; payments processing and innovations in developed and emerging markets.
  • Methodize: analytic partners software tools and methods.


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