Many people use WordPress because it’s easy and it’s fun to use. Even first time bloggers are able to create an account and get started in minutes. It’s highly customizable as well so advanced users appreciate it. They can be creative and make their blogs quite nice.

People usually need to link their WordPress blogs to other sites and publications. They would also need a WordPress logo for display in their own blogs.

The WordPress logo is in demand among its users. There are quite a several selections on the site itself. All of them are in the WordPress colors, blue, orange and grey. There are also some WordPress logos made by some users and designers. In fact, WordPress logos were solely made third parties before.

WordPress logos are in many sizes. There could be buttons and there are also wallpapers. Several users and designers have also been tweaking the WordPress logo so if bloggers want a more attractive WordPress they can find it all over the internet as well. There are also some competitions on WordPress logo design so people are certainly utilizing their creative juices in order to create cool WordPress logos.

Tech savvy people and web designers are even providing tips and tutorials on how to enhance the look of the WordPress logo. So, more and more people are actually creating their own version of the WordPress logo. They are not only limited on the official WordPress logos.

Bloggers benefit from the abundance of the WordPress logos around. They have a choice between the official WordPress logos and the more beautiful logos. Even if they are first time bloggers and don’t have any web design experience, they can still make their blogs look cool and savvy.

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