A WordPress plugin can make blogging easier.  It can also enhance the look and feel of your blog.  A plug-in can also be created to add functionality such as calendaring, traffic monitoring, or anti-spam feature.

Because WordPress is an open source application, you can easily create a WordPress plugin and integrate it into your blogs.  Just upload the plugin in your blog/plugin directory located in your local server.  After uploading, you can activate and install the plugin in your blog through the admin control panel of WordPress.

You need to know basic PHP programming in order to create a WordPress plugin.  WordPress is written in PHP language so your plugin must conform to this in order to work.

If you don’t know how to write PHP programs, then you can simply search for a standalone WordPress plugin maker.  There are lots of plugin maker today and some will not require you to code using PHP language.  A wizard is usually utilized to run a plugin maker and generate a script for it.  

You can simply upload a standalone WordPress plugin maker to your server.  You need to activate the script on your control panel. You now have a ready tool for creating different kinds of plugins for WordPress using the automatic plugin maker you installed.

Most plugin creators or automated plugin makers are not free applications.  You need to purchase them.  You can get your money’s worth though because you can instantly create different functionalities in your WordPress blogs.  Your traffic will surely spike because of new blog features in your blog.

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