As an organization opts for change management , participation
of all its members should be encouraged.  Business organization
aware of the need for change should support in the change and
from time to time monitor how change management is carried
out.  Ensuring that change is carried out as planned.  A change
that do not turn out of giving good results should be given a
second look and study on how this should be handled.. 
Individuals who are resistant to change should be talked at
so that a better appreciation of  the change management be
explained. When things go wrong, management should always
have a hand of resolving the situation and better still find an
alternative to further improve the change.

The change management should be monitored so as to
assess the effect of change. The cause and effect of the
change management should be communicated.   All 
changes pertaining to change management should be
covered with a requests and all results should likewise
be supported.  This is also called change management
certifificate.  The certificate bears a template that makes
things easier for those who is in charge of managing the
change.  As template represents a page layout pre-designed
in electrionic or paper media that is ready for fill up each
time a change management certification or requests is made. 
The change management certificate template can also be
changed or edited should a new feature on the certificate
 is viewed as necessary.

The change management certificate template aids the
 business organization in finding out what, who, when,
why and  how  change management takes place.  Actions
are communicated as well as results whether good or bad. 
With the change management certificate template,
a faster response to the need is addressed.

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