The Drupal FeedAPI tool is a content aggregator that can collect feeds from websites such as published content, news materials, and blog posts.  This tool generates feed collection of lightweight nodes in order to be displayed on a Drupal site.

The FeedAPI tool can be very useful especially for community blog sites, portals, or news websites.  Through the Drupal FeedAPI functionality, displaying content on the site would become automated.

One of the biggest advantages of having a FeedAPI tool on a website concerns search engine optimization.  Search engines favor sites that regularly refresh their content.  By aggregating content into a Drupal website, it will certainly display new web content on a regular basis thus helping optimize its positioning on search engines.

The Drupal FeedAPI tool can be downloaded for free at the Drupal web portal.  The simple application has a small file size which will not use up valuable computer or server resources.  The downloadable application also comes with free documentations and installation guidelines written in text format.  

Feeds aggregators significantly streamlines information and website content management.  With the overload of content being published daily on the Internet, administrators will have a difficult time following updates and embedding them on their own sites.  Through the FeedAPI functionality of Drupal CMS, this administrative task has become automated, simpler, and easier.

When activating the Drupal FeedAPI, administrators must install the tool software first on the Drupal site.  After installation, the FeedAPI will become live.  Administrators then can set the parameters and setting of the Drupal FeedAPI so that content aggregation will become more systematic.

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