It has always been a constant problem of web loggers how they can have easy and uncomplicated ways to insert and embed pictures on their web logs.  Apparently, due to some limitations, a web logging software is not capable of providing this feature or when it is provided, there are limited features that can be enjoyed.  

With WordPress, this issue is no longer being in question.  In fact, with the inclusion of Flickr, an image, video,and photo hosting and sharing website, in WordPress, issues and questions about how one can efficiently manage and supervise their photos on their web log have been given answers.  Now, with WordPress, organizing your photos and images will never be that complex and difficult.  

Flickr web application software is now capable of being used to insert, edit, and essentially upload all the pictures going to your web log.  A panel on the WordPress, known as Flickr Manager does it all. Just by clicking on this option, all images that you want placed on your web log are automatically inserted on your web log post.  Best of all, with this option, you can modify the size of the images from small to large and have them modified as thumbnail or not.  The Flickr photo album that was designed for WordPress has varying steps to follow.  The steps are dependent on the version of the Flickr software and the Wrodpress software that you are using.  

In order to do all these things, what you basically need is to make sure that your WordPress account is properly authenticated.  

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