Moodle is an open source platform specifically designed to deliver educational materials.  Some educators consider Moodle as a virtual learning environment. That’s because the Moodle platform allows comprehensive lessons to be managed by users and be made available to students.  

As an open source platform, embedding a Moodle podcasting feed on its interface is possible.  This added educational tool could significantly improve the learning process of students by accessing the Moodle e-learning facilities.  

Through a Moodle podcast, delivery of quality educational materials and resources can be improved.  A podcast has several advantages over other learning content.  For one, students will just listen to lectures or discussions on their computer’s media player.  They can also listen to the lessons repeatedly and as a result improving their grasp on the subject.  

In order to activate podcasting on the Moodle platform, educators can simply use its forum pages.  On the forum page, there are tools that can be found on its interface that will allow posting of text materials with attachments.  The podcast, which is formatted as an audio MP3 file, can be attached to the post.  The RSS feed tool should be activated on the specific post so that students can subscribe to it.  

Students should be directed to register at the forum in order to be given access to the attachment.  Once registered at the forum, they can go to the specific page and download the attachment through RSS.  Educators can simply repeat the process for future lessons.  This facility on Moodle makes Podcasting easier.  

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