A landing page creator is a specialized application.  It is a web page building software designed specifically to create quality landing pages.  Designing and publishing of the landing page can be automated using a creator program.  It can help online marketers in improving their sales pages to boost their sales.

Some landing page creator however is very expensive.  A highly automated landing page creator could cost a few hundred dollars.  Some affiliate marketers can easily recover this investment but most tend to lose money buying inferior applications.  

To avoid wasting so much resource on landing page building applications, it is best to try the product first.  Most vendors of landing page creators allow their customers to try their product for a limited time.  In this way, online marketers can determine if the software will really work for them.  After the period of trial, they can easily decline further transaction with the vendor if the landing page creator proves to be inferior.  

Another way to save money is to try a free landing page creator.  There are lots of free applications for creating landing pages and online marketers have to choose wisely to benefit from them.  By using free landing page software, marketers will not risk their money and they can channel their investments to actual advertising campaigns.

A landing page is an essential online marketer tool to improve sales and generate income from the Internet.  The cost of commercial landing page creators however is very prohibitive that sometimes it would be best to try some free applications first.

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