Making effective advertisement needs a lot of intelligence and creativity. This is because not all advertisements online can entice people effectively. Many of these are just ignored by the users, especially if the advertisement is so boring and does not attract any eyes. But with an AdWords tool, the advertiser can easily preview his ad as how it will appear on Google searches. The tool useful for this purpose is called AdWords Ad Preview tool.

The AdWords Ad Preview tool is a very helpful component of AdWords that enables the user to view his ads just like how they would appear on the regular Google page. Through this, the user can determine whether the banner or text he created to advertise a certain website is effective and is enticing to the eye.

Why is the ad preview tool needed? Actually, people can use attractive texts or banners and believe that they are actually enticing. However, when these banners and texts are added to a webpage with other elements, like the search results, they may not be seen as attractive when they are alone. Also, other competing banners and texts may appear along with the advertisements. Through the AdWords Ad Preview tool, the advertiser will know if his banners or texts can stand out from other ads.

The user can easily perform a test search in Google using the AdWord Ad Preview tool. The advertiser just needs to visit the website He can enter a keyword there and enter the Google domain. He can also select the display language and the location. Then, Preview Ads should be clicked. After that, the user can finally preview his ads with AdWords Ad Preview tool.

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