In the realm of business and information technology, it is very important to consider the systems that allow the entire operation to seamlessly integrate all the different divisions in order to come up with an output in the form of a good or service that will be satisfactory. Thus, the data or the information in business intelligence is very important  its handling, analysis and use of further predictions will be very instrumental in the overall success and quality standard of the entire company, as it can make or break records as well as benchmarks. The business intelligence data can help keep the entire company in order  with the detailed reports being summarized in such a way that the different divisions of the entire organization can easily refer to it and use it to influence their departmental decisions.

It can also help keep track of personnel, as the different functions and actions in an entire organization can be recorded, summarized and entered in a business intelligence data sheet and referred to whenever necessary. For example, one can easily check the status reports of the time ins and time outs of the many workers in a company. It can also become a storage or proof of performance of all the actions that were taken as all the days spent in organizational work are spent. Business intelligence data can also be useful in predicting the future status of the company as well as provide feedback and recommendation for the different functions of the entire organization.

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