After writing a WordPress post, there is tool available for you to make it search engine friendly.  This is the WordPress Post Slug option.

You can find the WordPress post slug option below the main text area.  It is lumped together with the tag, password, categories, and discussion tools.

By using the post slug tool, you will be able to create a unique URL for a specific post that is search engine and user friendly.  You can specify any text or phrase in the post slug and it will generate a URL for it.

If you leave the WordPress post slug empty, the software will automatically allocate a default URL for your post.  Usually, the title or main heading of your post will be the assigned URL.

This particular WordPress tool is very important for optimizing your content.  Not all your posts will have a search engine friendly title unless you create a heading consisting solely of keywords.

So if you want your post to have a URL that contains only the keywords, you better utilize the WordPress post slug tool.  Creating a slug is easy.  After encoding your text, go to the post slug box.

You have to type the full URL address of your blog then separate the slug title with a slash.  It will look like this: .

You can now publish your WordPress post bearing a unique search engine friendly URL.  So, when someone trackbacks on your post, they will link to this URL.  And if someone is searching for a specific keyword related to your post, then your blog will probably land in the top search results.

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