Statement of Work

This requirement is for the delivery of Agile/Scrum training modules for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to obtain commercially available on-site, instructor-led training support for the use of Agile/SCRUM framework at the USPTO. The contractor shall also provide a recommendation for computer-based Agile/SCRUM training modules for consideration by the Government. In support of this objective the contractor shall provide training support to include, as a minimum, the following:

USPTO Agile/SCRUM Course Curriculum
Training Plans
Course Material
Qualified Certified Instructors
Training Assessment/Evaluation Forms
Recommendations for recognized Agile/SCRUM certifications and requirements
Recommendations for the development of Agile/SCRUM computer-based training modules
Location of Work
The USPTO will provide facilities and audio visual support as required on the USPTO Campus, located at 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.
The contractor shall provide all plans, staffing, and materials to conduct a curriculum of Agile/SCRUM training modules for the USPTO.
Course Curriculum
The contractor shall propose a defined suite of training modules that will develop the knowledge and skill level of diverse USTPO employees and contractor personnel in the use and benefits of Agile/SCRUM. The modules shall provide basic-level to expert-level training and instruction.
Training Plans
The contractor shall provide a plan for each Agile/SCRUM training module that includes the specific elements and areas of instruction, the training objective of each element, the timeframe for each element, the training material required for the module (including any need for classroom tools) and the module instructor (s).
Course Material
The contractor shall provide participant material packets for classroom-based courses. The participant material packet will provide the participant with the materials discussed in the course for future reference. The contractor shall be responsible for providing all training material to all USTPO students who attend each training module.
Course Descriptions
The following is a list of possible courses for the curriculum and is intended to help the contractor understand the Government’s need without limiting the contractor to the list.

Agile Awareness, intention of which shall be to show diverse members of USPTO what to expect from Agile, how they shall be affected, and why Agile works. Estimated time – 4 hours.

Agile Executive briefing that shall be geared towards the senior management and the executives at USPTO. The briefing shall address the role of executives as sponsors and change agents to ensure the successful adoption of Agile/SCRUM, along with how Agile/SCRUM would make the organization more productive, more effective, and more efficient, by moving towards this process. Estimated time – 2 hours. (2)

Certified ScrumMaster class that shall provide foundational understanding of the Scrum framework, implementing Scrum as a ScrumMaster along with hands-on practices in applying Scrum to various project scenarios. (20)

Certified Scrum Product Owner Class that shall provide knowledge, skills to perform the role of Product Owner in the Scrum framework. (20)

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) – (at least five days of formal training are required to earn a CSD credential). CSD applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of Agile engineering practices by taking and passing a formal CSD assessment. At least three days must be technical training through a 3-day CSD-track technical skills course. At least one of the five days must be dedicated to the study of Scrum through a CSD-track Introduction to Scrum course or CSM/CSPO course. The fifth day is an elective. You can choose from among the CSD-track courses to develop the skills you feel would benefit you the most in your role. The two-day CSM or CSPO course fulfills both Introduction to Scrum and the elective requirements. 20)

Scrum Team Workshop that shall support team members in understanding the essentials of Scrum and help them get started in becoming a Scrum team. (20)

Coaching – providing ongoing support to project teams. May be incorporated as part of other course offerings or as needed in conjunction with the team workshop. (120 days)

The Contractor may propose other Agile/Scrum training not listed above which may be included in the resulting Blanket Purchase Agreement.
Qualified Instructors
The contractor shall provide fully qualified certified instructor(s) who demonstrate experience in Agile/Scrum implementation and continuous practice, certified by the Scrum Alliance.
Evaluation and Recommendations
The contractor shall provide training evaluation forms to be completed by all classroom participants. The training evaluation form shall request measurable feedback (i.e. 1-5 numeric scale) from all training participants regarding the quality of the material, instructor, usefulness, applicability, level of instruction, etc. The contractor shall receive an average of 3 (met requirements/expectations) from the measurable feedback by the training participants. In the event a BPA holder receives less than an average of 3 for a specific course, future orders for that course may not be requested from that BPA holder.

The contractor shall provide recommendations for coursework leading to Agile/SCRUM certification and the development of computer-based training modules.
Period of Performance
The period of performance for this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is one base year with four (4) one-year options from the effective date.
The deliverables required are:

Instructor Certifications
Training Plan
Course descriptions
User manuals and other necessary training materials.
Recommendations for Courses leading to certifications
BPA Ordering
Orders placed against this BPA shall include the specific location, number of participants, dates and other logistics necessary for the contractor to deliver the training ordered.

Requests for training will be submitted to all BPA holders to determine availability for the requested course and specified dates. Consideration for the closest, acceptable date for the required course will be taken in the selection of the BPA holder if more than one BPA is awarded.
Quantities Each Year
The following estimated quantities of each course may be ordered:
Agile Awareness – 10
Agile Executive Briefing – 4
Certified ScrumMaster – 20
Certified Scrum Product Owner – 20
Certified Scrum Developer – 20
Scrum Team Workshop – 20
Coaching – 120 days



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