In the balanced scorecard methodology, the minimum requirement of measurements in the key operating dashboard must definitely be included at all times. The first one, customer satisfaction, is designed to measure the retention of customers as well as customer attrition by way of product and region. In this case, surveys on customer satisfaction may be a very good tool to use for people who are managing the balanced scorecard dashboard. Second would be the cost of access. This area is in charge of measuring the targets of network optimization. Following closely would be network reliability, which also measures a variable but in this case it tackles trouble tickets. Fourth is the execution of the company ‘s revenue plan. In this measurement, one can find the run down of sales order backlogs, customer churns, and revenue installations. Fifth would then be the different internal systems of information management. This one measures the availability of a system as well as its implementation or consolidation, whichever may be applicable.

And finally, the customer delivery process is in charge of exactly measuring the provisioning times. Clearly, a solid knowledge of the operating responsibilities of a balanced scorecard dashboard will contribute to a heightened implementation, much to the delight of team leaders who are tasked with such. The dashboard will allow them to easily review their company ‘s progress against many different types of target areas in a weekly, monthly as well as quarterly basis. The dashboard is a very important tool in the entire system of the balanced scorecard methodology.

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