What added value of IT Service Management is most visible in your organisation?

  • Cost savings   (29,6 %)
  • IT services more visible to business   (25,9 %)
  • Management of expectations is easier (14,8 %)
  • Enhanced communication  (11,1 %)
  • Enhanced decision making (18,5 %)

Total number of votes: 27

 It is very typical that the number of people voting in this poll
is extremely low. Only 27 people entered their vote over a 4-month

Is this because all the answers are true? Well, yes, but my experience
is that for a lot of people it is really difficult to pick the exact
added value of IT Service Management for their organisation.

The cost savings are very visible, but only after a period of time. At
first the cost might even go up; more (orarily) overheads, extra
consultant fees and more incident records are only a few examples of
added cost. When (some of) the processes are implemented and the
outcomes of the processes start to ‘kick in’, is when you see the cost
savings happening, especially with the shift from reactive to proactive
activities. People start to do more with the same IT budget.

There aren’t a lot of financial benchmark figures available, and even
if they were available it would be extremely difficult to do an
accurate measurement. Because typically with the implementation of IT
Service Management, you are working on an organisational change so the
‘before’ situation can be extremely different from the ‘after’
situation. Comparing the two would therefore be unacceptable.

Even in Europe, where IT Service Management has been around and been
very successful for about 12 years now, it is extremely difficult to
find independent benchmark information. There are however, general
conclusions to be drawn:

  •  Implementing IT Service management with ITIL® improves the
    client satisfaction. Main reason for this is the fact that the IT
    department / IT shop is more visible to the rest of the organisation
    and that the customers’ expectation are better managed

  •  Implementing IT Service Management with ITIL® improves the
    efficiency in the IT organisation. Especially the implementation of the
    support processes proves to be very successful for most of the
    organisations. Many organisations have some form of incident management
    and change management prior to IT Service Management implementation and
    therefore miss a crucial link in the entire process-chain.

  •   Implementing IT Service Management with ITIL® decreases
    decision-taking time and improves communication. This is only true when
    the organisation as a whole is committed to (IT) Service management and
    a customer-focus-approach. When you merely roll out the ITIL® processes,
    you will never achieve improved communication as a benefit.


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