Relational database applications are already made for better managing of information within a collection of data. But as time passes by, databases are usually piled up with enormous amount of information that are all needed by a certain organization or group. That is why, there is also a need to manage the SQL Servers. Just like managing of database, managing of SQL servers can be easily done through applications called as SQL Server managers. One of these is the Sybase SQL Server Manager.

The Sybase Server Manager is a tool used for system’s management. It is a Windows-based application that is very useful for database administrators in managing all the SQL servers within a certain group or enterprise. Using this application, administrators can also manage all the objects in the different databases through simple click-drag-drop method. There are also icons included with the application that makes all the managing easily possible.

The use of graphical user interface is also helpful for better filling up of the dialog boxes needed for managing the SQL Servers. These GUI dialog boxes are significant in managing tables, views, indices, rules, triggers, and stored procedures. The same GUI can also be utilized for managing the access privileges of different users and for performing the complete backing up and recovery of data in the database.

There are still other features and functionalities that a database administrator can explore with the SQL Server manager. All of these are certainly helpful for better management of the databases, the data in the databases, and the database servers. Better usage and more efficient maintenance of databases can be done easily and more effectively through the different SQL Server managers like the Sybase SQL Server Manager.

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