WiMAX or the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is now a very important concept in the telecommunications technology. Although new in the market, there are now a lot of studies and guides on how to address different problems on WiMAX. These documents are collectively called as WiMAX white paper. The WiMAX white paper is a guide or an authoritative report that can address the different problems on the WiMAX technology. These are used to educate different interested readers and help them make decisions regarding the WiMAX technology use.

Mostly, these WiMAX white papers are considered as marketing tools that outlines the various benefits of the technology for different users. These specific white papers should be noted to highlight a certain company’s offerings for the consumers. Therefore, these are not as objective as other WiMAX white papers. However, there are still white papers that were made objectively to educate the readers on the WiMAX technology.

With the power of Internet, people can now freely download WiMAX white papers published by different groups and companies. One of the websites that compile WiMAX white papers is the www.wimax.com. Any group or company can submit copies of their WiMAX white paper to the website and this will become available for the public for free download.

Examples of WiMAX white papers in the www.wimax.com database are the “The Business of WiMAX,” “The Solar Power Alternative in Broadband Wireless Networks,” “Delivering on the Promise of WiMAX, A White Paper From WireIE’s Office of the CTO,” and “Enabling Mobility in WiMAX Networks.” There are also titles like “A Practical Guide to WiMAX Antennas,” “Use of Clutter Data in RF Planning,” and “Building End-to-End WiMAX Networks.” These and more titles are available for download at the www.wimax.com.

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